What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is a style of Spanish music, comprising dance, song, and guitar, backed up with hand claps and sometimes other percussion instruments such as castanets and cajón.

Flamenco developed in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia with a presence too in Extremadura and Murcia. It origins are wide and varied and include gypsy folklore, Jewish and Arab song and more modern influences from the Caribbean and Latin America.

There are many forms of flamenco dance and song, some sad and introspective and some happy and joyous. In a typical flamenco show you will see several of these styles performed. Very often the songs tell of love and passion.

The dance is energetic and dramatic, usually with one or two dancers. The song comes from the heart and soul of the singer. The guitar supports the dancers and singers, with linking phrases, and often solo pieces from the guitarist in the interlude between dancing and singing.

The female dancers wear distinctive long and swirling dresses often with a long train. The male dancers typically wear tailored trousers and a jacket cut to the dancer’s waist. A flamenco show is powerful and emotional and is a marvel you can enjoy to the full.